Hilltop Covenant Church

A Special Place in CromwellTestimonials

Like the people that make them up, churches have unique personalities and finding a church to call “home” isn’t easy.
As you search, we invite you to join us at Hilltop Covenant Church. At Hilltop each church member is invested in receiving you with the love of Christ. Listen to these comments made by church members.

“A year ago, my wife and I moved to Cromwell from our home of fifty plus years in Pennsylvania. There our lives centered around our little Covenant church, where we experienced wonderful worship, the sincere love of the members and the joy of serving. While we were moving, we wondered if we could experience these blessings in any other church – God answered that question when we committed ourselves to Hilltop. We thank God for our new church home.”
One of our members
“Hilltop Covenant Church means a whole lot of things to me, but what it represents the most to me is a home. I know whenever I am good or bad I can return to the church and I will be welcomed with open arms. God always does this, but I think it’s rare to find people who are like this, and I have definitely found this at Hilltop.”

One of our members

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