Hilltop Covenent ChurchTeaching the Word of God

“All You Have”

11-11-18 -Mark 12:38-44-Interim Pastor Kevin David

“With All Your Heart”

11-04-18 -Mark 28-34-Interim Pastor Kevin David

“What Can I Do For You”

10-28-18 -Mark 10:46-52-Interim Pastor Kevin David

“First and Last”

10-21-18 -Mark 10:35-45-Interim Pastor Kevin David

“Pointless Possessions”

10-14-18 -Mark 10:17-31-Interim Pastor Kevin David

“The Kingdom of God and the Son of Man”

10-07-18 -Mark:10:2-16-Interim Pastor Kevin David

“Just a Cup of Water”

09-30-18 – Mark 9:38-50-Interim Pastor Kevin David

“Sow What?”

06-17-18 – Mark 4:26-34-Pastor Scott Jones

“Two Sides of the Same Coin”

06-10-18 – Mark 3:20-35-Pastor Scott Jones

“So That You May Flourish”

06-03-18 – Pastor Scott Jones

“How Can These Things Be?”

05-27-18 – Pastor Scott Jones

“Is There an App for That?”

05-20-18 – Pastor Scott Jones

“In It Together”

05-06-18 – Pastor Scott Jones

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