Pastor Mike Langer

Mike Langer

Pastor Mike Langer

Hailing from the greater Chicago area, Pastor Mike came to Hilltop with ten years of pastoral experience in July of 2019.  Prior to pursuing ministry, Pastor Mike spent eight years in the restaurant industry, taught high school Spanish, gigged as a performing musician, and “did time” as an entry-level corporate cubicle dweller.  Pastor Mike holds a B.A. in Spanish and Education from Illinois State University, a Master of Divinity from North Park Seminary, and he is currently undergoing training as a spiritual director through the Christos Center for Spiritual Formation.

Pastor Mike is married to Melissa and they have two daughters, Nadia and Abigail, entering Cromwell schools in the fall of 2019.  Food is a big theme for the Langer family!  You will often find them working in the garden, baking fresh bread and pastries, pickling and canning fruits and vegetables, and grilling or smoking meats.  Pastor Mike also has twenty years of homebrewing experience.  More than anything, they desire to use this love of food to extend hospitality to others.  “At the table,” Pastor Mike says, “we are exercising one of our most basic human needs.  I find that many walls that divide us come down and opportunities to find common ground emerge, simply by breaking bread.  This should be most true when we come together at the Lord’s Table.”

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