February 2020 Message from Pastor Mike: 2020 Vision for Hilltop

I began hearing leaders from a wide range of industries start talking about their “20-20 Vision” (referring to organizational goals to be met by the year 2020), probably as early as 2010.  It’s hard to blame them; it’s a perfect way to tie “vision” into goal-setting!  Since I am not clever enough to come up with anything better, I will borrow this phrase to briefly share a few things I hope to be true of Hilltop Covenant Church when we look back on 2020 one year from now.  I envision a community that has expanded:its support for the young families of our community by building new bridges between the church and daycare communitiesits reach into the wider community through face-to-face contact, special events and social media presenceits influence in helping people take the next steps in their spiritual journey through opportunities for gathering, studying and servingThere are a couple of specific ways that you can get involved in moving Hilltop a little closer to realizing this vision.  First, keep your eyes open for the launch of the Hilltop Covenant Church Facebook page so that you can “follow” us and expand our influence and audience.  You can also help us put our best foot forward on social media by emailing our office with any pictures that capture what we’re all about here at Hilltop!

Stay tuned for some new opportunities for our youth–junior high and senior high–to provide a safe, fun atmosphere that allows students to explore some of their questions about God, faith, life, friendships, love, and so on.  If you have a junior high or senior high student in your life who would enjoy being a part of our youth events, please email Miss Laura who is organizing the contact list.

Finally, I am really looking forward to hosting Friday evening BBQs at Hilltop this summer!  Details are still in process, but we plan to set up in our backyard and the parking lot, with the playground open for the kids.  We will serve beverages, burgers, dogs and other staples, starting around 5:30 for those picking up their children at the Daycare.  These weekly BBQs are an open invite: bring your friends, neighbors and family!  If you are able, bring a side dish to share.  Our aim is to make dinner easy at the end of the week and give all ages a chance to relax, spend time with friends and meet new people in the community.  Keep an eye out for more details and volunteer opportunities as the summer gets closer!

My greatest hope is that more and more people will find hope and experience the extraordinary love of God through Hilltop in 2020.  Thank you for the ways you participate in the Hilltop community!

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