Cookie Walk December 7!

Cookie Walk XI is Saturday, December 7, 9 am – noon. Cookie Walk has been a gift of love to the church and surrounding communities. It relies on generous donations from bakers, crafters and volunteers who help set-up (and clean up) the church and help on the day of CW!

How you can help:
 bake cookies or bars yourself – or if you don’t bake –
 donate ingredients for those who do
 keep crafting!
 sign up to help before & after CW
 get gift cards or gift certificates that can go in gift baskets
 provide items for gift baskets (list in entry)

Items for gift baskets are not limited to what’s on the list of suggested contents! Use your imagination! We will use whatever you provide! Items for baskets need to be at the church no later than Nov. 24, the Sunday BEFORE Thanksgiving! The baskets sell well and are a “bigger ticket item” but they do require time and planning to put together. The more items we get donated, the less we have to go and purchase.

As always, pray for good weather and plan to help out at the event if you are able. Make sure you spread the word about the new children’s shopping area! All items just $1.00! Think of how excited kids will be when they get to buy gifts for parents, siblings and other relatives!

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