Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Frequently asked questions:

How many people do I need to cook for? The
meal is typically dinner for 10-12 adults (moms
and helpers). That might sound like a lot, but they
are all pretty light eaters. We have typically had
more food than we’ve needed! One casserole is

What time does the meal need to be served?
The moms and children eat between 5:30 and
6:00 PM. The meal can be dropped off earlier in
the day with instructions to heat, or brought hot
and ready to serve.

What do I need to provide? The meal can be
pretty simple; an entrée, and salad, or a salad as
an entrée. It could be soup, a casserole, crock
pot meal or pasta. The moms are not picky and
are very appreciative. The only request is that the
food not contain nuts. We have the requisite paper
products, but a beverage is always a nice
addition. The children are fed by the Daycare.

What if I can’t prepare a meal, but want to
help? People have given donations so that we
can subsidize the cost of preparing a meal, for
those who need it, or so that we can purchase a
meal when no one is available to cook.

There is a sign-up sheet in the narthex.
The group will resume on Jan. 15.