Pastoral Search Committee Update

I am writing on behalf of the Pastoral Search Committee to keep you, the congregation, updated on the
progress of the work of the committee. We are meeting regularly and receiving guidance from The Rev.
Howard Burgoyne and his staff of the East Coast Conference office of the Evangelical Covenant Church.
The Covenant has a process in place for searches, and we are following those steps. Barbara Damon has
made a poster outlining the seven phases of the search process and she has placed it in the narthex, and
we will move the green circle forward as each phase is completed. I’m listing those for you here:

1. Search team organization phase
2. Information gathering phase;
3. Contact phase
4. Candidating phase
5. Call phase
6. Commitment phase
7. Ministry launch phase

We have completed Phase 1 and are working on Phase 2. In the not too distant future you all will be hearing from the committee as it seeks to gather important data and your thoughts on a number of points. So, stay tuned…and please respond when the time comes. Your input is important!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with me or any member of the search committee (keeping in mind, however, that most of our work must remain confidential): Brian Armet, Jonathan Beatty, Barbara Damon, Amanda Drew, Jim Hite, Liz Pierson, Laura Winoski. And very importantly, keep praying for the committee members, the work of the committee, and for Hilltop as we travel on this journey of discernment.

Carolyn Johnson, Chairperson, Pastoral Search Committee

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