CHIC 2018 Messages from Our Kids

Noah “Thank you to everyone for letting me go to CHIC. This was an unforgettable experience in which God shined his light on me. That was only possible because of this congregation. Thank you!”

Maddie “Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way to this trip. Whether it be from funding, praying or chaperoning us; we are very thankful that we had the opportunity to go.”

Nicole “We are so grateful for the opportunity that was given to us. Not only did we have fun and enjoy ourselves, but we gained a new perspective on God and his work. We are truly thankful for all the work put in to get us there!”

Jordyn “CHIC was an amazing experience that I will never forget. The music, the lessons, the sermons; everything was amazing and eye opening. I want to thank anyone who had any part in the trip, whether helping to fundraise or chaperoning. I am so thankful for the opportunity and I hope I can go again and help the program.”

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