Lenten – Soup, Supper and Bible Study

Each of the five Wednesdays following Ash Wednesday we will gather for a Soup Supper and Bible Study very similar to what we have done the last few years. Each week one of the Christian churches in Cromwell and Covenant Village will host. We will begin at 6:00 pm with the Soup & Bread Supper. Then we will engage in conversation and reflection about the evening’s Scripture passage and topic.
The theme for all of the gatherings is “Let All of Me Kneel Before God’s Holy Name.” This Lenten series focuses upon our bodily worship of the Triune God. When we come to worship, we are to engage all of our bodies in the art and act of worship – our heads and our hands, our knees and our arms, our lips and our eyes, our ears and our flesh. Biblical worship is not a disembodied activity, but an embodied reality.
Date Location Topic:

  • Mar 7 Covenant Village of Cromwell Hands
  • Mar 14 Hilltop Covenant Church Knees
  • Mar 21 First Congregational Church Feet

We will host on Wednesday, March, 14 and will need volunteers to makes soup and provide bread and dessert for about 100 people. A sign up sheet is available in the narthex, or call the church office to volunteer to prepare soup, for set up, serving and cleanup.

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